The Charleston in Bayou Blue | Round mirror made from reclaimed fir

Don't be surprised if you find yourself craving lemonade and rocking chairs when you put The Charleston onto your wall. The laid back coastal hues, timeworn texture, and simple lines are easy reminders of slow, sticky days that demand less moving and more conversation.  It's good to slow downlet us help.

Each Silicate Studio mirror is handcrafted out of salvaged, century-old framing timbers, and is hand cut and assembled in Los Angeles, California. Throughout the construction process, we intentionally leave as much visible history of the woods prior service as possible. This means nail holes, stains, scratches, knots, and other idiosyncrasies are left prominently displayed in the completed product. The finish is a hand-rubbed wax.

$375 US

Item# MGR1226, 12 lbs