The El Porto | round mirror made from reclaimed hardwood

Some things instantly remind us of sun, salt and surf. The El Porto smacks of all that sunny goodness. Nevertheless, it is at home in the most traditional of bungalows or the knottiest cabin. Constructed of centuries-old hardwoods, the final product is left intentionally unfinished to highlight the smoky hues and terrific texture that can only form with time and weather. Your El Porto will look equally stunning over a hardworking contemporary vanity or snuggled neatly above your classic entry console.

This mirror is crafted out of salvaged, century-old ash, oak and hickory timbers, and is hand cut and assembled in Los Angeles, California. It is lightly sanded to remove splinters and dust, but is left unfinished to preserve the tonality and color of the wood. Available in 3 Diameters.

Starting at $212 US

Item# MRR3620U 20" Diameter, 6 lbs; MRR3626U 26"Diameter, 11lbs; MRR3632U, 16lbs