How much weight can the floating bracket hold?

The medium duty holds 30lbs per rod, and the HD holds 60lbs per rod.


Do I really need to find a stud for the bracket when I install it on a wall?

Yes, unless you want your shelf (7-14” deep) to pull itself out of the wall or have a shelf less than 7” deep that will hold next to no weight. In which case use heavy duty f\drywall anchors (Toggler brand 79lb works best)


What type of metal is the bracket made out of?

¼” thick, Hot -rolled steel


If the bracket is not installed into a stud, how much weight can it hold?

20lbs total with drywall anchors. Nothing if it is just a screw in the drywall. it will pull out immediately.


Will the shelf and bracket be sold together, and can they be sold separately?

yes and yes. Plan on separate listings for each eventually.


What tools do you need to install the bracket?

See installation guide (PLACE A LINK HERE)

How much effort do I need to put into installing the bracket? 

Reading, a bit of thinking and about an hour total of actual manual effort if you are drilling your own holes in your wood. About 5 minutes of manual effort of you are just hanging the bracket and  the shelf is already drilled out ready to go.


Does the bracket damage the wall after removal?

Over the drywall, it may make black marks on it, but they can be easily painted over. if you cut away the drywall to install then, yes, wall repairs will be necessary.

How much does the bracket weigh?

2 to 16 lbs depending on the length and style of bracket. this weight is not included in the weight capacity it can hold.

Do the brackets come in any other sizes?

10”, 18”, 22”, 26”, 30”, 58”HD only, 68”HD only are stocked, standard sizes. Custom sizes are available as special orders as well.

Which way is up and which side is down for the bracket?

The screw holes are closest to the top of the bracket

What is the screw size that attaches to the bracket?

Any #10 x 2”+ long wood screw, GRX recommended

Does the shelf sit flush against a wall if the wall is textured?

It does.

Does the shelf sit flush against a wall if the wall is textured?

No, but use the right bracket: up to 11” deep for medium duty brackets, up to 14” deep for hd brackets.