Design your space
w/ Silicate Studio

Designing can be easy with Silicate Studios as your partner. We offer great assets that take your space to that next level. These designer products can accompany any look from Industrial Chic, Modern to Contemporary. check out a few of the products below to see how Silicate Studios can help you in designing a beautiful space.

floating shelf_bathroom.png

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves can be an elegant and clean look for your bathroom, kitchen or what you need to float. simplifying is always a good idea especially when shelving is involved. Make it elegant and clean by loosing those legs. 


Turnbuckle Shelves

Take floating shelves even further and add some industrial chic. The external hardware can add a visual strength and look. The turnbuckles can be a strong aesthetic for your space so make it rad and use a turnbuckle shelf. 



Need more then a shelf? Try one of the rad, hand made mirrors. With all the different shapes of mirrors you can find one that will level up your decor, no matter the current style. The wood frames can add warmth and texture to your design. 

living room_2.png

Wood can ADD texture and warmth to any room 

From textured, old reclaimed wood to warm finely crafted and machined wood, wood can offer a feeling of comfort and with the right combinations of decor can be a very contemporary element. Using wood in a subtle manner like a shelf or a mirror can add a earthy element to your modern design or can add modernize a barn house style. how every you are trying to design your space, Silicate Studios has a product that will help. Get inspired from some Silicate Studio spaces below. 

"dude, they made it easy."

— Nate, Customer/DIY Rockstar

Purchasing and hanging super sweet shelves should be simple and easy.

This is what we are all about--seriously. Give us a call any time about it (949) 244-1083.